PhotoFriday – ‘Glass’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Glass’

glass fish

“A school of glass fish doesn’t swim or swirl – it flows like a river of mercury.”

(David Doubilet, sport diver Aug 2006.)

This weeks theme is glass, so we’ll celebrate glass fish 🙂 You can often find them in the dark corners of the ocean such as wrecks and caves. These here live in the Carnatic wreck in the Red Sea.

glass fish

glass fish

glass fish

glass fish

glass fish

I think these better illustrate the quote but I wasn’t sure if they were silversides or glass fish (or really what the difference is)? Taken in a cave in Cayman.
glass fish

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3 thoughts on “PhotoFriday – ‘Glass’

  1. I can just imagine the fascinating motion in these photographs Suzy. Well seen. Being in the middle of a large school of fish is one of the more fascinating moments to experience underwater.

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