I am from London, UK and now Happily Married. I’ve been taking photographs under the sea since 2003, but not in cold British waters. With my blog posts & photographs I like to raise people’s awareness of the beauty of life in the ocean before it is too late and all that life no longer thrives.

If you are more interested in cats & babies and the day-to-day than fish and photography then find me over at my other blog: Chocolate Milk For Breakfast.

Until recently I shot (mainly) underwater with a D300 in Subal housing, but now I’m selling all my Nikon & Subal gear. Please contact me if interested. I’m now Mirrorless with the Olympus OMD EM5 & Nauticam housing.

Anything else?
If you have any questions or want to get in contact with me please leave a comment with your email address and I’ll get back to you. Or if you prefer to send a message directly to my email you can use my contact form here: https://suzywalker.wordpress.com/contact/

To get back to my photo galleries click here: www.reefbeasties.com

All photos posted to this blog are copyrighted to Suzy Walker-Toye unless otherwise stated.

You can follow me on twitter here: http://twitter.com/scuba_suzy

7 thoughts on “About

  1. You have a very interesting theme as well! I love underwater pictures and i am sure that if you ever come to Greece you ll love the sea and you ll have many many underwater pictures for us 😀

  2. Thanks tas.o.s. I have been to Greece and remember there was lovely warm clear water but it was in my pre diving days and pre photography days so my only photos are in my memories.

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