PhotoFriday – ‘Tranquil’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Tranquil’

I dropped the ball the last few weeks for Photofriday (too much studying). This weeks theme is Tranquil. I like to think of myself as quite a chilled out person (most of the time) and central to my tranquility is going diving. It’s been too long and I miss it. There isn’t anything to compare. It is at once both exhilarating and calming. Mantas, (after you get over how massive they are), are incredibly graceful which is why I’ve chosen to feature one in this weeks post.

I hope your weekend is full of tranquility and rainbows 🙂

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By the way, thanks for all who voted my last photofriday (large) into the Noteworthy archive 🙂

Note worthy archive Jan 21

Bite-Back Calendar

I’ve finally gotten around to putting the 2016 calendar up on the fridge. If you don’t yet have one head over to bite-back to get yours now for half price! (or simply drop by to donate) The money raised goes to shark conservation. Luckily my husband gets me mine for Christmas every year 🙂









“This outstanding collection of images feature underwater encounters from around the world including sand tigers, oceanic whitetips, lemon, nurse, sevengill and reef sharks plus a sea snake, beluga whale, nudibranch, monk seal, gannets and eagle ray.

Each image has been donated by award-winning photographers including Alex Mustard, Alex Tattersall, Amanda Cotton, Andy Murch, Christian Vizl, Ellen Cuylaerts, George Probst, Jane Morgan, Jason Isley, John Bantin, Lia Barrett, Richard Shucksmith and Tanya Houppermans.”


PhotoFriday – ‘Large’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Large’

I can never resist a chance to talk about large spotty fish and this weeks photofriday theme falls right into my trap! Whalesharks gather to feast on tasty Bonito tuna eggs (see below) off the coast of Mexico and seem to ignore the snorkelers who are there to see them.

hmm yummy! :-/

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Best Photos 2015 & Year in Review

It’s a yearly tradition on my blog to round off the year with a review of my photos, you can see previous years with this link. This year I didn’t take any underwater photos to review! Oh No! I was heavily pregnant the first half of the year and baby surviving the latter half. My little one is now 7 months and she’s absolutely perfect. I’m only just coming up for air and wondering where all the time has gone? :-/ I’ve had an amazing 2015, however, in early December I started to review my pictures and realised they were basically all dodgy phone photos of the baby! *Sigh*, new mothers. I resolved to at least attempt some nicer ones of her, so you see, the review did serve its purpose of giving me a kick in the butt I needed and many of the new ones made the top ten.

As a consequence I also signed up for the next module of my degree course which had sadly fallen by the wayside as soon as the morning sickness had kicked in (and I was thinking of ditching). The new course is art history, I think I have my work cut out for me but it looks really interesting, next year is going to be really *focused* because I now have less than 2 years to do 2 modules! My new mini site for it is here.

Although I’ve not taken any underwater photos, I’ve not had a bad year photographically. I’ve been published a couple of times (woot) and even got around to processing a video (for world octopus day), although I have so many more (arguably better quality) videos to process and actually a lot of photos languishing in the archives. Perhaps I’ll get around to processing more as I go through them for my 100YearDiary project. I also started a new blog this year (to share my baby & cat pictures mostly 🙂 )

So without further ado, I give you my top ten photos of 2015 (in no particular order)…

honorary mention, Leeloo in a bag:

I hope you guys all had an amazing 2015 too! Happy New Year. Hopefully next year I’ll be back underwater and have something new and fishy to share 🙂

PhotoFriday – ‘Small Scale’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Small Scale’

This weeks theme is small scale, the smallest thing I’ve ever photographed is a hairy shrimp. It basically looks like a speck in real life. I’m not sure if I like photographing things this small, I haven’t made up my mind. Theres an element of accomplishment when its in focus (they flimflam about a lot) but when you genuinely cannot see the thing in anything other than the screen on the camera it detracts from observing the wildlife. However, the other part of my mind thinks its amazing I can appreciate such smallness whereas other divers (without cameras) would not be able to.

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PhotoFriday – ‘Transportation’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Transportation’

This weeks theme is transportation and I immediately thought of the Thistlegorm, a WW2 wreck in the Red Sea. Its a ship, so transportation itself but it also is chockfull of other vehicles. A transporter of transportation 😀

Motor Bikes:



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PhotoFriday – ‘Warm Light’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Warm Light’

This weeks theme is warm light. Taken at dusk in the red sea, these images have lovely warm light.

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PhotoFriday – ‘Glass’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Glass’

glass fish

“A school of glass fish doesn’t swim or swirl – it flows like a river of mercury.”

(David Doubilet, sport diver Aug 2006.)

This weeks theme is glass, so we’ll celebrate glass fish 🙂 You can often find them in the dark corners of the ocean such as wrecks and caves. These here live in the Carnatic wreck in the Red Sea.

glass fish

glass fish

glass fish

glass fish

glass fish

I think these better illustrate the quote but I wasn’t sure if they were silversides or glass fish (or really what the difference is)? Taken in a cave in Cayman.
glass fish

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PhotoFriday – ‘Yellow’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Yellow’

We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.

If only, that’d be very cool (as long as it had big viewing windows).

This weeks theme is yellow, and my photo above is an old one but one I still like regardless of the mixed reactions of my peers at the time. I love wall to wall fish pictures, even closeups like this where you can’t really tell straight away whats going on. This is two butterfly fish, one behind the other, not a mutant one with the face in the middle 😉 Below are some more yellow things from under the sea… sadly no submarines though:

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