Namibia – Ghost Town, Kolmanskop

The second post on our Namibia trip brings us to Kolmanskop where the desert is slowly taking over an abandoned diamond mining village.

The only disappointing part of this bit of the trip is I didn’t find any uncut diamonds lying around for me to collect (believe me I checked)! There was so much to see and photograph here I could have easily done with one more day so we would have had two more chances at seeing the buildings with the light coming in one way in the evening and the other in the morning. The other thing that would have been very handy was a shift lens (Mike had one and zipped around all the buildings taking amazing shots with lots of straight lines whilst the rest of us struggled to get nice compositions of the interiors with funky wide angle lens perspective).

I didn’t take many photos of the exteriors (just a couple with my iphone) because for the most part the light outside was very harsh. I expect I would have done if we’d had more time.

We had special permits to enter the place earlier and leave later than normal visitors to catch the nice light. The room that everyone wanted to see was the “blue room” (see the first image in the post) but it was hard to get to and you had to climb in through a window and try not to disturb the sand.

My favourite rooms were the ones with untouched sand (of course) but also those with nice colour walls and some good doorways. I also really liked the spooky empty hospital.

We went with a company called Squiver, run by Marsel van Oosten & Daniëlla Sibbing. The trip covers thousands of miles across Namibia so much of the time was spent travelling between amazing places, I’ll be splitting the trip report over 5 posts. This is post 2. The index page for this series is here. Up next are the beautiful red sand dunes in Namib Naukluft Park…