Honeymoon in Venice

As I mentioned in my previous post I got married to Mike in August and I’m only now getting through my backlog of photos and videos that needed processing. Here are some photos from our lovely honeymoon in Venice. Such a romantic city! I already did a (very long) blog post on the Venice Biennale (the famous international contemporary art festival they have every other year) over on my degree blog.

My stab at street photography – some guys in hats & some blue umbrellas

They have really cool window displays over in Europe which seem to change daily:

It seems mike wants my attention?

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PhotoFriday – ‘Neglected’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Neglected’

This week I was wondering what photo to choose for the theme neglected. Mike suggested a shipwreck but you cant do much with a sunken ship so its more abandoned than neglected. The ghost town of Kolmanskop was abandoned too but it most definitely has a neglected atmosphere (more than say a ship wreck that is buzzing with new underwater reef life). The photo above is the famous blue room (which you have to access via the window and try not disturbing all the sand on the way in!

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