I’m taking over @WeRPhotography on twitter for a week

Weekly Photographer

As some of you may know I go by @scuba_suzy on twitter. I tweet mainly about photography and scuba related things with my 140 characters. This week from midnight tonight I’ll be taking over the curated account @WeRPhotography.


So what is a curated account then? Well, essentially its an account that is run by different people. In the case of @WeRPhotography it features a different photographer /photography enthusiast each week to tweet about themselves, their work, their interests, basically anything they like. There are a few guidelines though. My fave of which is tweeting to ask Leonard Nimoy to take over for a week, yes Mr Spock is a photographer of naked ladies – who knew?! Here’s the introduction to the @WeRPhotography account project, brainchild of @JustJimWillDo which explains the whole thing in more detail. And the reason why I’m involved? Well as part of the process of taking over for a week Jim does a little interview with you and on week 6, Rebecca Jackrel recommended me as one of the people she’d like to see take part. So thanks Rebecca, thanks Jim, this looks like its going to be fun 🙂


Versatile Blogger Award

Dan Law from theRawEdit.com has very kindly awarded me with the versatile blogger award. Thanks Dan! Actually it was for my other blog but since that one for my degree course I didn’t think it appropriate to post this on that one.

What is the versatile blogger award you ask? Well here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  • Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

so a bit like one of those chain letters you’d get in school! Ah a bit of nostalgia. So 15 blogs huh? I can’t say that I follow 15 blogs religiously. I follow cool people on twitter who have excellent blogs that I go and look at. And I find new blogs to look at and follow when people like my blogs posts (what a great feature, I’ve found so many interesting people that way recently). These are the blogs of the people who first come to mind….

Cool blogs that I follow (in no particular order):

The stormtroopers are coming! A photo blog from Michael Toye full of awesome photos.

grafphoto blog Thoughtful posts by photography Mark Graf

jmg-galleries.com blog Blog of photographer Jim Goldstein

hovercraftdoggy.com Architecture. Design. Photography.

zackarias.com blog Cool photographs of people. Down to earth photographer that says it like it is.

pixelatedimage Another thoughtful photographer/blogger, David duChemin.

petra365.wordpress.com You guessed it, another photography blog, most if not all of these listed here will be.

emilyluxton.co.uk I like her photography category – always great with the exhibition reviews.

lefft.com Designery things and very cool graphics by Paddy Donnelly

smashing magazine Web Design.

….And that’s all I can think of right now – so apologies if I didn’t include you – its late on a friday night and my brain is tired.

7 Things about myself (again, no particular order):

  • Fish are my friends and not my food.
  • I love cats.
  • I’ve just started a photography degree (which was the blog that actually got nominated by Dan).
  • I live with the most wonderful person.
  • I love to travel but hate camping
  • I still have my sparkly Christmas penguins out from last Christmas.
  • I prefer dark chocolate.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this silliness as much as I have… if you have a cool blog you think I should know about let me know on twitter, I’m @scuba_suzy. Goodnight everyone!


Choosing your Best or Favourite photos?

The end of the year is a time for reflection. It’s a time I like to go through all my images from the past year and choose a few to represent my photography from the year. Here is the rub though, am I choosing my best photos or merely my favourites – and is that the same thing? I don’t think so. You can have a favourite photo that’s rubbish technically but means something very special to you or a technically amazing photo that you don’t like as much. I’m hoping by writing this blog post I’ll clear my mind as to which I’m doing this year and perhaps give you all something to think about while you reflect on your year.

Assuming the photo is basically correct (not hideously blown out or completely out of focus – unless I meant it that way) when I look at my photos I ask myself these questions:

  • Is the composition pleasing? Or could it be better? Is the light pleasing?

Are you making a statement with your composition or just playing it safe? Do it look balanced and feel right when you look at it? Does your eye want to take everything in?

  • Does the photo speak to me? How does it make me feel?

Everyone likes photos that make them feel something – anything, personally I like to feel happy rather than sad though 😉

  • Is there a story behind the photo? Is the memory of taking the photo clouding your judgement?

Did you set up a little scene with a funny back story? Is the story better than the finished photo? Is this one of those – “you just had to be there moments” where the photo doesn’t do it justice?

  • Was the photo challenging to take?

Did you have to trek 50miles for this photo? No one will know or care when they look at it but you. I’m guilty of this one. I often like photos of tiny things so small I couldnt see them in real life. Not sure that makes them good photos though!

  • Was this part of an experiment?

Playing with HDR or some other technique and really happy with how it turned out? Does it actually make it a good photo or just impressive to you because you know it was your first go at that technique?

  • Did I rise to a challenge?

Was this photo part of a themed challenge? Does it only make a great photo within that context or can it stand alone?

Well writing this post certainly cleared my mind as I’m am probably guilty of choosing all my photos for the wrong reasons. At the end of the day though it comes down to two questions?

1) Who is your audience? If you are only trying to please yourself you can do whatever you want! 🙂 And everyone else it entitled to a different opinion.

and 2) Do your photos stand alone? Out of context (with no titles, back stories & explanations etc) when you see your photos do you think, wow, thats a great photo?

Now looking forward to the New Year and my blog post of best/fav 10 photos to follow shortly

Happy New Year everyone!

Blog Renovation?

Since I joined twitter I’ve been exposed to so many interesting links and articles from and about photography and ways a photographer can use social networking/blogging/twitter etc to an advantage. @photojack is a really good source for this type of information and through him and various others I have found a whole raft of new and wonderful photographer blogs to follow – I’ll blog about these later. The point of this post (which I’ll get around to eventually) is much of the information that’s been feeding into my brain has started me to question the roll of my blog and how I can make it better, more interesting and perhaps even more widely read?

This series of really useful and interesting posts from PixelatedImage blog on how/why/should photographers blog really hit home…

The Photographer and the Blog, Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

I must admit, I do fall into the category of bloggers that have a difficulty with writing. I enjoy it, but it takes me a while. I like to read blogs which have lots of lovely interesting links (inspired by kultureflash updates). And being a photographer I feel bad if my blog post doesn’t have a photo in it (like today). So over the bank holiday (yay) weekend I will endeavor to come up with the list of things that will hopefully transform my blog into something more people will find interesting to read and come back to. If you have any ideas that you would like me to implement (more tutorials on underwater equipment I have? Or a random image a day or whatever) please leave me a comment below. They are moderated (for catching those pesky spammers) so they will show up when I see and approve them. Have a good weekend all!