PhotoFriday – ‘Shadows’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Shadows’

People think its the shafts of light but the thing that makes caves & caverns atmospheric is the shadows. Here’s one from Chac Mool Cenote in Mexico.

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Mexican Cenotes: Chac Mool

Cenotes are sinkholes in the jungle that are filled with fresh, cool, clear water and often have extensive cave systems. The cenotes we visited in Mexico all had a very different feel to them so I’ll do once post for each.

Today I’d like to tell you about the Chac Mool Cenote system. Its actually 3 cenotes all joined together. Little brother (mainly just a jump in point for easy access to the other two), Kukulkan and Chac Mool.

The main attraction was the light (for which you have to visit in the morning) streaming into Kukulkan. We jumped in at little brother and swam through a little cavey passageway to Kukulkan. Here are some of the photos I took there:

The other main cenote in this system is Chac Mool itself. The surface of this cenote was covered in a softgreen alge making the light diffused and the water look green.

This one is more interesting inside with all the large stalactites and stalagmites. And also and interesting halocline effect where layers of salt water mix with fresh water making everything in the salty water layer appear blurred. It was very surreal (I thought I had something wrong with my eyes)!

There was a little air pocket too where we were able to surface to see some little stalactites all over the ceiling (see Mike below and the photo at the top of this post).

Thanks to Mike my long suffering dive model/buddy/partner for coming into the caves even though he wasnt all that keen to. And to Mario from dive Aventuras for guiding us. And to Karen Doody for hooking us up with the lovely condo that we all stayed in. And to Alex and Eleo who we stayed with for the two days before the whaleshark trip started and had a great time. Next up Taj Mahal Cenote….