PhotoFriday – ‘Skyline’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Skyline’

Ankor Wat Skyline

This weeks theme is skyline. Its interesting, when you think of a place you usually picture some famous scene, some skylines are so famous that if you blacked out the picture apart from the sky you’d still know where it was. I picked out a few of my pictures which I think illustrates this. Above, Ankor Wat (Cambodia) at sunrise. Below, Singapore Marina Bay skyline.

Singapore Skyline

London (Eye)
London Skyline

Leaning Tower at Pisa
Pisa Skyline

New York
New York Skyline

Bridge of Sighs

Deadvlei trees

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New York Panoramas!

Yay for Photoshop CS3! Mike has built himself a new super duper pc whose boundaries he clearly wasn’t pushing… what better way to ‘test’ it than try and merge 11 full size D300 RAW files in photoshop 😀 It only got a little upset with me, for the most part it churned away and allowed me to produce panoramas that my little teeny-tiny laptop would have been crushed under.

They look better at a bigger size (click the photos for a larger view)!

Above is an 11 image stitch of the view of New York from the Staten Island Ferry. Unfortunately the ferry was moving and the boat in the photo was also moving so see if you can spot the mistake in the stitch where the auto merge didn’t quite get it right?

Helipad, New York 2008

This is just around the corner from State street (we actually went to NY to work but that didn’t stop me wandering around with my camera before and after work)! I think this is a 4 or 5 photo stitch.

View from Empire State Building 2008

This is 9 photos. I like this one because it seems like an unfinished jigsaw (I could have done the jigsaw pattern in photoshop but it seemed a little cheesy). I have more of these Empire State building ones to process …. stay tuned.