PhotoFriday – ‘Familiar Faces’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Familiar Faces’

Although its growing rapidly the warm water diving scene isn’t all that large and we often find ourselves meeting the same people on the trips we take (or even sometimes on the plane going on different trips)! So here is a post where you might recognise some faces. Above is Mike, also known as one half of the Lovebirds and photoshop Guru. Below is a photo of me, also known as the other half of the lovebirds.

This is Jarret, the originator of the term Lovebirds.

Here is Alex & Eleo, totally acting like lovebirds here 🙂

This is Kathryn:

This is Lena in her pre-big-camera days..

Here’s one of Kay (we were testing off camera lighting hence the spooky look)

Heres another couple of Mike because after all he is awesome (even if I am bias)! 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some of my friends.

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Macro Monday – Pygmy Seahorse Safety

It’s been a while since my last Macro Monday so I thought I’d combine it with a nice large soapbox from which to make you aware of the danger that divers (and photographers especially) pose to pygmy seahorses. Pygmy seahorses don’t deal with stress very well (who does) and by not very well I mean it can be fatal to them. So when we say that bright flashlights and strobes stress them you can see how this would be a very bad thing.

Dr. Richard Smith has published a recommended code of conduct to be followed when interacting with Pygmy seahorses. Richard’s PhD thesis was all about them so his guidelines are based on hundreds of hours of observing them and also watching the interactions between seahorses and humans. The idea behind the code is that it will be something that can be: “printed, emailed and talked about as much as possible.”

So please head over to his site and download the pdf, take it with you when you dive and show your dive guides! He even has it in a few different languages. They are simply adorable little creatures and they need our protection so spread the word….

PhotoFriday – ‘My Baby’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’My Baby’

This week’s theme is My Baby. Since I dont have, you know, an actual baby, here is a photo of Mike doing Jazz hands underwater! 🙂 And one of him below in the wreck of the Kittewake doing the V sign that all the cool Asian kids are doing in photos these days…

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