New scuba video short: The day Shannon almost lost an eye

See on vimeo here.

Amusing 33 sec video starring Kay Hartley-Mills, Graham Abbott and Shannon Conway

PhotoFriday – ‘Macro Shot’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Macro Shot’

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On a night dive we strap our torches to our camera rigs so we can see where to swim in the inky black darkness of the night ocean. Most of the creatures that are out on the reef at night don’t like the light (apart from lionfish who will use your lights to hunt by) so you have to be careful where to shine it so that all your subjects don’t swim off. I usually go on with a 60mm macro lens as it’s a good fish portrait lens and my personal favourite because its lightweight and easy to focus but this night we were looking for something special so I had taken my 105mm VR macro lens. Raja Ampat in Indonesia is a fantastic place to look for special subjects as its teaming with life. Graham, our guide called me over and pointed at the sand. I looked at the sand, I looked at him, I looked at the sand. Nothing. He pointed again. Still nothing. He pointed really close to a bit of black sand. Oh my. It’s not sand but a teeny tiny bobtail squid! I’d never seen one before but this is what I’d put my 105mm lens on hoping for. Those white rocks in the photo are grains of sand & shell.

I can highly recommend Graham from as a dive guide. He’s really nice and has the keenest eyes of any critter hunter I’ve ever met!

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