Happy Earth Day!


I want my child to grow up and see the majesty of whalesharks feeding at the surface as I was able to a few year ago…. Today is Earth Day 2015. Let’s not have empty oceans by 2048 please.

Earth Day Network’s year-round mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. (source EarthDay.org).

Today I wanted to highlight the film Racing Extinction and how to get involved which can be as simple as sharing a link on your phone or exposing some environmental villains.

Here’s the trailer:


It doesn’t take special training or equipment to expose environmental villains. When you see polluters or unsustainable practices, take a photo with your phone and share it here. If we can call-out and fix a million small problems, we will make an enormous singular impact.

Help uncover the story. (source racingextinction.com).


On a more light hearted side of Earth Day – Have you seen the Google doodle earth day quiz today? Apparently I’m a giant squid and Mike is Coral.

I'm a giant squid Mike is Coral


Happy Earth Day 2010

Today is Earth day 2010. Happy Earth day! But shouldn’t we be trying to protect & preserve our earth & oceans all year round? I think so too so to give you a little food for thought this earth day I wanted to introduce you to a book full of great tips you can do on any day of the year…

50 ways to save the ocean

Split into five sections (enjoy, conserve, clean, protect, learn & share) this book provides some great (and easy) tips that we as ordinary folk can follow to help protect our planet. For example do you ever visit the beach? – make sure you take everything away that you brought with you onto the beach – including those cigarette butts & empty plastic bags – did you know that plastic bags actually kill turtles? They mistake the floating bags for jellyfish and eat them 😦

Also, wear waterproof sunscreen (you don’t want to be a one-person oil spill, leaving grease in the water). The book has my favourite underwater photographer saying “Take only pictures and leave only bubbles, while exploring underwater wonders”.

And the best thing about this book? Its only $10 (or under £10 if you are a .co.uk purchaser)! Its quite an old book (2006) but sadly these points are all still more relevant than ever.

Want free resources to help save the plant? Here are a few I like…

50 Things You Can Do To Stop Global Warming

Marinebio.org: Marine biology & ocean conservation

Ocean conservation portal

Kids for saving earth

Wildlife trusts & action groups:






Any more ocean/wildlife trust sites you want to share? Leave a comment with the link (And I’ll try to filter you out from under all the spammers).