Happy Earth Day!


I want my child to grow up and see the majesty of whalesharks feeding at the surface as I was able to a few year ago…. Today is Earth Day 2015. Let’s not have empty oceans by 2048 please.

Earth Day Network’s year-round mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. (source EarthDay.org).

Today I wanted to highlight the film Racing Extinction and how to get involved which can be as simple as sharing a link on your phone or exposing some environmental villains.

Here’s the trailer:


It doesn’t take special training or equipment to expose environmental villains. When you see polluters or unsustainable practices, take a photo with your phone and share it here. If we can call-out and fix a million small problems, we will make an enormous singular impact.

Help uncover the story. (source racingextinction.com).


On a more light hearted side of Earth Day – Have you seen the Google doodle earth day quiz today? Apparently I’m a giant squid and Mike is Coral.

I'm a giant squid Mike is Coral


Earth Day – Florida Manatees

To celebrate Earth Day today I’d like to introduce to to some Florida Manatees. The are an endangered species that die out in winter when it gets too cold.

Some sanctuaries have been set up in Crystal River where it is possible for you to go and interact with them (as long as you don’t harass or stress them). Once you see them in person its impossible not to love them! They vie with each other for your attention as long as you give them a good tickle. In fact I did more scratching of bellies than I did taking photographs which should tell you how compelling they are 🙂

You can find out some facts about Manatees here and how to get involved with saving them here.

I haven’t finished processing all my manatee photos from our trip yet be when I do I’ll do another log post with more photos so stay tuned and thanks for looking.