Nikon & Subal Gear for Sale

EDIT: this post is out of date, only showing what I’ve already sold – have moved the relevant bits to a new page

– Tripod (Manfrotto 488 ball head, gitzo G2220 legs, both used but in good working order) £150

– SOLD: Subal FE dome £470 + extention £100 + subal zoom gear £50
– SOLD: + tokina 10-17 FE lens £350
– SOLD: 105 port with focus knob £375
– SOLD: Nikon 105mm VR Macro lens (boxed with instructions and lens hood) £400
– SOLD:iPhone 4, Unlocked, 32GB, boxed £200
– SOLD: Nikon D300 body (boxed with 2 batteries & charger, & wired remote shutter) £300
– SOLD: Nikon D70 body & Nikon 18-70mm kit lens (unboxed with 1 battery & charger and lens hood) £200
– SOLD: Nikon 70-300mm (unboxed with lens hood) £50
– SOLD: Tokina 11-16mm: Nikon mount (boxed with instructions & lens hood) £200
– SOLD: Nikon 80-400mm VR (boxed with instructions, carry case & lens hood) £500

– SOLD: Whole Nikon & Subal Macro underwater set up (you’d just need to acquire strobes): £2000

  • Subal Housing ND30 (Type 3) for D300
  • Nikon D300 body (boxed with leads etc, 2 batteries & charger )
  • 60mm (type 3) flat port with front & back covers
  • Nikon 60mm lens (boxed)

Photos of Gear (and I have to thank Mike for taking all these for me)!


PhotoFriday – ‘Chill’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Chill’

Click image to go to see alternate sizes.

It seems incredibly cheesy to post snow photos when the theme is Chill but here I am doing it! Before you laugh, the photo above is of my very first snowman, we never had enough snow for me to make them as a child. It’s no secret, I don’t like the snow or the cold weather. I’d rather be someplace warm and underwater to take my photos. However, since I’m here, I’ve noticed one positive thing that’s come from the snow, I’m starting to take photos again. Granted they are on my iPhone and most of them are silly but it gives me a nice creative outlet. I finally signed up to the bestcamera app – “the best camera is the one you have with you” is certainly true. The link to my stream is here so check it out for my little slice day to day imagery.

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Recent photo roundup

Its been a week or so since I posted (sorry folks) here is a round up of recent iphone offerings, taken & post processed on the phone but resized as an export from LR since I still cant find an app to resize to my liking – recommendations in the comments welcome 😉

As always, click for bigger versions.

for more recent images go here to my iphone4 gallery

I love my iphone4

ok, its official, I love my iphone4. Apple has been getting lots of bad press recently over the reception issues with the phone. I get that. I understand why people balk at paying all that cash to have a phone that doesnt keep signal in crappy signal areas if you hold it a certain way. I get it, I do. But I still love it! This phone is my first new phone in 6 years (my old nokia stll going strong) is great if you want to make calls or text. But I don’t. I want to use the internet to check my email, facebook, twitter etc. Most of all I love the take a photo, edit a photo in an app (to HDR, Panorama stitch, filter or all manners of things) and then upload directly to the internet. I hadnt really tried out the camera until this weekend but now I am seriously impressed…

This is taken hand held in my nans breeze back garden (click for larger):

This is it at 100% (click to see larger)::

I have not touched up those photos (only to resize the 1st one and crop the second one).

Just remember what Chase says, the best camera is the one you have with you. What photos does your phone take?

these have been slightly edited in LR (it slightly over exposed the clouds for my taste):

I need to get some more photo apps & learn how to resize for the net from my phone but until then I’ll be resizing in LR & putting them in this gallery: