PhotoFriday – ‘Motionless’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Motionless’

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This here is a frog fish (quite a small one). These guys are great to photograph. They are so confident in their impeccable camouflage that they sit motionless and pose for you (hoping all the while that you will be fooled into thinking that they are a sponge and go away without eating them).

He is just one of the many amazing creatures that can be found at Lembeh in Indonesia, at first you think there is nothing but black volcanic sand and local trash (coke cans etc) but then you take a closer look and find all sorts of weird & wonderful amongst the sand and rubbish.

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Lembeh Underwater Gallery Complete

I’ve finished uploading some of the weird and wonderful creatures you can see in Lembeh straits, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Its amazing what the guides find amongst the rubbish in the black volcanic sand! The visibility was not as good as I remember from the previous trip in 2007 but it was certainly great to get back there.

Full gallery here:

This was the first few days of the Ultimate Indonesia photo trip with Divequest, lead by Alex Mustard. I’ve started my above water gallery for the whole trip too, although I’ve only loaded the Lembeh photos so far. The topside photos are in this gallery:

We stayed in the lovely Lembeh Resort which I managed to snag a few photos of this time…

Its under slightly different management than last time but the food and service are still fantastic.

All photos in this post are clickable but do check out the rest 🙂 Next up Raja Ampat ….

First few Lembeh pics uploaded

Yay, just back from Holidays. We went to Lembeh straits and Raja Ampat in Indonesia.  Just uploaded the first couple of photos from Lembeh Straits, muck diving and macro captial of the world, let me know what you think…

Full gallery here:

Trip review and more photos of course to follow 🙂