I’m back :)

Apologies for being away from the blog for so long. I was trying to get all of my studying done which was consuming all of my time! Now that’s finished I’m returning to well-loved projects (such as this blog) and my recently rediscovered love of drawing. I’m hoping to also get back to my giant photo archive so I hope to unearth some shots you’ll love. For now here are some Mantas I drew as part of #Inktober (on instagram this month, one drawing per day if you want to follow along or join in I’m @scuba_suzy).

PhotoFriday – ‘Tranquil’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Tranquil’

I dropped the ball the last few weeks for Photofriday (too much studying). This weeks theme is Tranquil. I like to think of myself as quite a chilled out person (most of the time) and central to my tranquility is going diving. It’s been too long and I miss it. There isn’t anything to compare. It is at once both exhilarating and calming. Mantas, (after you get over how massive they are), are incredibly graceful which is why I’ve chosen to feature one in this weeks post.

I hope your weekend is full of tranquility and rainbows 🙂

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By the way, thanks for all who voted my last photofriday (large) into the Noteworthy archive 🙂

Note worthy archive Jan 21

Mantas! Raja Ampat

The last stop on our trip was Dampier Strait where a place called Blue Magic really lived up to its name.

You don’t often here complaints of too many fish on a diving trip but sometimes the little fish would obscure the action! There were thousands of them.

As I was starting to go up for my safety stop these two mantas were swimming around and around next to me at 7m. It was really magical.

I have some video, Mantas are much more impressive when you see them moving but I need to process it so stay tuned for more updates 🙂