Losing Nemo – Empty Oceans by 2048?

Blackfish films gives us sometime to think about here:

You can see the video in fullscreen HD directly in vimeo here. I wanted to post this a couple of months ago, but I wanted to post it after all my red sea schooling fish images so you can see what we’ll be losing. Unfortunately, it somehow got left floating about in draft form!

Most people are aware that the oceans aren’t doing so well, but what is going on exactly? Overfishing is one of the biggest problems our planet currently faces and I for one am very glad to have given up seafood but you don’t have to go that far… if you want to get involved, The Black Fish has a page with volunteering opportunities.

PhotoFriday – ‘Lucky Shot’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’The Lucky Shot’

For this weeks photofriday theme I’d like to talk about photographing clownfish (nemo)! The shot above was most definitely ‘the lucky shot’ because it won me a trip 🙂 However in general photographing clownfish is a matter of patience. You find a nice anemone with pretty clownfish and every time the fish looks look in the viewfinder you click the button. They swim around and around and in and out so its mostly patience & luck when you get a good one.

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The Art of Underwater Photography

I’ve just been to Bali (you thought I’d gone quiet). We went on Shannon Conways trip at Scuba Seraya. Mike and I won ourselves another stay there with this image for the end of trip competition:


More images (and video!) to come when I’m less jet lagged. I actually went there with the agenda to do the assignment 2 of my photography course so I’ll be going through that to double check I’ve got good enough versions for the theme. Stay tuned to both blogs.

Here are some others that Mike processed for me… Click the images for larger.







PhotoFriday – ‘Of House and Home’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Of House and Home’

I don’t know who is in charge of picking the themes over at photofriday.com but this is the second week in a row that the theme has left me rather uninspired. Anyway, I’m choosing to focus on the territorial nature of clown fish for their anemone homes for my “Of House and Home” entry. I hope you enjoy it despite my feelings for the theme. Hey, who doesn’t love Nemo?!

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Red Sea 2011

Things have a way of coming full circle and this blog is no different. I started it way back when in 2008 mainly to document the impending trauma of upgrading from a compact camera to an SLR (and taking said SLR underwater). When I first got my Nikon D300 and Subal housing I took it all away with me on a Martin Edge trip. I didn’t even know how to open the housing!

As it turns out it wasn’t that much of a trauma 😉 And although I do miss the nice light (and carry-on friendly) size of my compact I have had a lot of fun with my SLR. Anyway, back to the point, we decided to go on another Martin trip, this time to the South Red Sea.

When we visit the Red Sea we normally go north (the wrecks are better and there are the giant schools of fish in summer). The south has some nice caves (well, caverns really since they are mostly open at the top) where the light comes in. I’m only part way through processing the photos but what I have so far I’ve put in this gallery:


I still prefer the North Red Sea (for better viz and just more to see) but going to the see the caves was something different. It would have been nice to see the sea grass area where the large turtles live but we didn’t get to that. Each day we stayed in one place the whole day which had the advantage of trying different things and seeing the light change throughout the day but the disadvantage that if you were underwhelmed on dive 1 then by dive 3 or 4 you were just over it altogether.

check the gallery in the next week or so for more cavey shots…