New facebook fan page

If you are over on facebook why not stop by my page and become a fan?

These are some of the new photos I’ve uploaded:

New Raja Ampat uploads to the bubble

Red bubble is an online store that sells cards & prints etc… I’ve added some more to those available here:

Slugs featured on red bubble

Didn’t know that slugs gettin’ down would be so popular! I’ve been featured on the  Super macro group with the following two images 🙂 Thanks guys.

The other image is a close up of Tiger Mantis shrimp eyes. Fascinating to watch them watching me!

I’m still alive! Some news…

Sorry it’s been a while. My RSI came back so I’m taking it easy on my pc for now. I’m hoping to get around to processing the photos from our recent holiday to Bali & Singapore and posting them here with a review of Scuba Seraya (where we stayed in Bali). I’ve started the processing but its a slow thing (so my arms dont fall off). Keep your eyes peeled here:

Also, Mike & I have joined Red Bubble. Its a sort of online art gallery and shop where you can buy peoples photos and artwork as all sorts of things like Cards, prints and teeshirts. I’ve a vague plan to get together a 2009 calendar of my underwater images. I’ve put a little banner in my side bar that showcases a few images available to buy on the site so please go and check it out 🙂 I wanted to load this little flashy profile into the side bar but it didnt seem to work…