Happy Earth Day!


I want my child to grow up and see the majesty of whalesharks feeding at the surface as I was able to a few year ago…. Today is Earth Day 2015. Let’s not have empty oceans by 2048 please.

Earth Day Network’s year-round mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. (source EarthDay.org).

Today I wanted to highlight the film Racing Extinction and how to get involved which can be as simple as sharing a link on your phone or exposing some environmental villains.

Here’s the trailer:


It doesn’t take special training or equipment to expose environmental villains. When you see polluters or unsustainable practices, take a photo with your phone and share it here. If we can call-out and fix a million small problems, we will make an enormous singular impact.

Help uncover the story. (source racingextinction.com).


On a more light hearted side of Earth Day – Have you seen the Google doodle earth day quiz today? Apparently I’m a giant squid and Mike is Coral.

I'm a giant squid Mike is Coral


Harlem Shake Underwater Edition

of all the silly Harlem Shake videos I’ve seen this was the first one I saw and its still the best one …

ps. Dont forget I need you guys to help me sell all my Nikon stuff, here’s the list if you’re interested and I’ll be updating it as things get sold off.

New underwater video: Scratchy Time with Ringo the Manatee

See on vimeo here.

We called him Ringo because of the little ring pattern on his back (not very clear in the video the way I processed it though).

For more manatees (photos) see here: https://suzywalker.wordpress.com/tag/manatee/
For more scuba suzy videos see here: http://vimeo.com/channels/scubasuzy
Filmed on a old Fuji compact camera in Feb 2011 (not the in summertime). Edited in iMovie.
Music: “In the Good Old Summertime, performed by John Philip Sousa’s Band (recorded 27 October 1905, which is also not in the summertime)”.


New scuba video short: The day Shannon almost lost an eye

See on vimeo here.

Amusing 33 sec video starring Kay Hartley-Mills, Graham Abbott and Shannon Conway

New Underwater Video – Bali 2012

Watch this video in High Definition on Vimeo here.

This is my second Bali video. I do hope you like it. If you have any film making tips to help me (I’m such a newbie with video) then please let me know in the comments. This was shot on a GoPro Hero 2 in the GoPro dive housing with the backscatter magic filter on it. Edited in iMovie. Music: “Dire News” by Celestial Aeon Project

Wishing everyone a happy new year 🙂

Schooling Jacks video

So here is my first underwater video (well the first one I got around to processing). I did take some footage of the whalesharks in mexico but I’m get to go through that. This is from Bali and its just Jacks…. schooling Jackfish at Coral Garden. I hope you like it….



If you cant see the embedded version (or just want to see it bigger HD) the link to it on vimeo is here:


I’ve called it just Jacks because I took some footage of other reef life and next up is to see if I can make a video from that too. Thanks for watching.

Raja Ampat (Manta) Underwater video (by Mike)

Mike has finally got around to producing his first video from his new underwater setup.

Click here for Youtube: scuba diving with Mantas video

5 minute video taken in Indonesia off Raja Ampat.

Tropical Dreamscene for free

Want to look out onto a beach with gentle rolling waves while you are sitting in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can (if you have Vista). Mike shots some dreamscenes (30 second videos that you can set as your desktop backgrounds).

go here to download them free for personal use: http://www.michaeltoyeimages.com/

by the ways they are High definition 720dpi. My fav is #3 with all the little crabs on the beach!

From the same beach as my 360 of paradise panorama photo from Raja Ampat