Photofriday – ‘In the Wild’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’In the wild’

This little boxfish above wouldn’t leave us alone.

Apart from one or two times in the pool to test out equipment all my underwater images are ‘in the wild’ so choosing an image for this weeks theme was harder than you might think – because I had too much choice! I was thinking about the interactions you could only really have in the wild, such as huge schools of fish, but I’ve posted a lot about them recently. So then I was thinking about all the wild animals that we tame by our behaviour such as the manatees in Florida springs who demand to have their tummies scratched, or the sting rays in Cayman who know there is food to be had if they hang out in the sandbar with the tourists. These interactions can be explained but what of the others, what of the interactions that occasionally happen when the critters seem as curious about us as we are about them. With no incentives, no food, no belly scratches? Is this when we are truly in the wild?

The mantas in Raja Ampat came over to me and circled while I was doing my safety stop at 5m. After all the other divers had gone, they wanted to play but sadly I too was out of time & air.

This friendly Napoleon Wrasse is probably on the hunt for food to be honest, I think the dive guides in this area used to feed them boiled eggs to watch them split out the shells, I’m not sure if its an old wives tale that one died of high cholesterol prompting the dive guides to stop or if it was new regulations brought in.

This little guy allowed me right up next to him while he was eating, he didnt run away as they usually do, he just sat there regarding me.

This terrifying looking beastie chased me across the sand, I could almost not back up fast enough. I didn’t hang around to work out what he would have done if he caught me!

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