New Photos from Florida

As a little follow on to yesterday’s blog post about clearing my 2011 photo back log, I present to you some new photos from the famed Blue Heron Bridge muck diving site in Florida>. It might have been the coldest water I’ve ever dived in (23/24 degrees c brrr, yes I know I’m a wus) but there was so many weird and wonderful critters it was worth an ice cream headache or two. The full gallery is here.

so much life down there they were stepping on each other:

This guy here “walked” along the bottom on his “hands”!

this terrifying chap chased me across the sand, the largest arrow crab I’ve ever seen. Not the best to meet on a night dive!

We stopped of here on the way from Grand Cayman to Crystal Springs to see the Manatees. The sea was unusually full of jelly fish (so much so that Alex got stung quiet badly on the night dive). The next day loads of Portuguese man o’ war jellies has washed up under the bridge.

Here is quite a wide panorama of the Bridge area: click it for larger


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