Photofriday – ‘Plant Kingdom’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Plant Kingdom’

So I was going to cheat again and try and palm you all off with a photo of this little guy (a Halimeda Crab) because he looks like a plant…

…but I thought that this week I’d actually try and stick to the theme, so its not underwater today. Here are some photos of flowers I took in Kew Gardens for my photography degree.

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Macro Monday

Just a few garden macro photos been added to my above water macro gallery… (click images to see bigger)

If anyone has watched bugs life, this green cricket reminded me of Hopper. At one point a ladybird was coming towards him across another blade of grass, I think he would have travelled under him except a little foot came out and kicked the ladybird so he tumbled to the ground. I shouldn’t have laughed but I did. Poor ladybird. I guess the Cricket was a little cranky because my dad had mowed the lawn and although we left them a little grassy area to play in most of his home was gone.